A Failed State

A War on Terror Novel

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ISIS Khorasan has seized control of several key provinces in Afghanistan and crowned a new emir. The new regime is poised to wrestle control of the nation from the NATO-established government and is more brutal and deadly than the Taliban and Al-Qaeda had ever been. A covert intelligence gathering unit has infiltrated the landscape and cultivated a network of spies from within Khorasan’s network.

Damien Collins, who struggles with severe anxiety, a troubled marriage, and a custody dispute over his five-year-old daughter, is a member of this elite intelligence-gathering team trying to stop the spread of ISIS and its emergence in the hotbed of Afghanistan. Damien’s team has confidants within ISIS-Khorasan that could turn the tide of the struggle. While Damien’s team rushes to solidify their victories, he has to juggle his own chaos at home.

Meanwhile ISIS looks to enact massive brutality over the Afghan government and its American overlords. As the body count rises, Damien and his team are in a race to find the emir and end his new reign of terror. Little do the Afghans know that the team, select members of Joint Special Operations command, and other shadowy units are operating covertly in their neighborhoods, trying to stop ISIS Khorasan’s influence from spreading like wildfire into Kabul and the northern provinces.

Failed State takes readers from the domesticity of the United States and the chaos of Afghanistan to the glamor of Dubai and the terrorist networks of Turkey and Germany. Readers will bond with Damien and his colleagues and feel the full impact of America’s war on terror, both at home and abroad, with every page.

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The author takes you inside the world of the Joint Special Operations Command’s mission and the use of integrated contract assets to fight the war on terror. The pace and his depictions of the people, targets, and missions are as real as it gets.

Byron Beplay, Former 3rd Battalion Ranger Team Lead

One of the most exhilarating, on-the-edge-of-your-seat books of the year. Andrew puts you right in the operator's boots.

Steve McCormick, Former CIA Tech Ops Officer

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